Our cosy house offers comfortable living conditions and is beautifully situated in the Swedish countryside. The house borders on a forest, has a lake view and it’s own pier.
The house is situated between Eskilstuna och Strängnäs and within a stones throw from Stockholm.

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Contact Information;
Tina Jonsson
Tel: 016-965 67
Mobil: 070-372 42 85

The house

The House

The house is situated the furthest in on a farm and has no passing traffic. The house is beautifully situated just at the fringe of a forest and has a large garden and a big lawn. The lake view and the tiled stoves give both the house and the grounds a nice character.

The house measures 120 m² and has all-the-year-round-standard with 1+2 bed rooms with a total of 8 beds, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and washing machine.  

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