The outdoor life and the surroundings at Norrby Gard leave little to wish for. A very own pier with only 75 meters to the water offers good bathing and fishing opportunities.  In the waters of Mälaren there is an abundance of pike, perch, pike-perch and bream. You can freely exercise fishing in our waters using fishing rods. A boat and a canoe is included in the rent.  We also have life jackets in various sizes for lending.

In the forest close by, there are many exciting paths to explore. The animal life is rich and if you are lucky you can see reindeer, pheasant, rabbits and elk. In the forest you are also allowed to pick flowers, mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries and lingonberries.

If you feel like exploring the surroundings we have a number of bicycles for lending. The calm gravelled roads offer nice bike excursions.

Just outside the house there is a small patio with outdoor furniture. It is a lovely place to spend the wonderful summer nights just gazing at the sun setting in the water. There is also a barbeque.

For the smaller children there is a sand pit and swings.

There is also boule, dart and other games available for lending.

Boat and pier
View from the yard

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